This post is a slightly modified version of

(For explanations, see the original blog) that uses the following tech stack:

Spring MVC (3.0.2.RELEASE), Hibernate (3.6.7.Final), JEE 6.0, JPA 2.0 (2.0-cr-1) and Spring (3.0.2.RELEASE).

Functionally both are same. This just works with the said tech stack as I have made the correct entries to work with Maven2.

The main modifications boiled down to the Project’s pom.xml and the fact that I had to add @Transactional to the service methods – otherwise I was getting runtime exception that said there was no active transaction.

Download the project and MySQL script files to get started. The application, once built (import to Netbeans and Build) – can be deployed to Glassfish.:

MySQL script is here: