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Installing Chrome on Fedora 18 — February 24, 2013

Installing Chrome on Fedora 18

Installed Fedora 18 on a VirtualBox VM on my Mac and it works great. I installed the KDE spin. Although am liking the interface, I don’t like Konquerer much. Chrome is insanely fast even inside a VM. So, I decided to install Chrome.

Note: I installed a Fedora 64 bit, so the steps here are for 64 bit Chrome

It’s really easy.

1. Add Google YUM repository details (used for checksum etc.)

Create or edit the file /etc/yum.repos.d/google-chrome.repo and add the following lines:


2. Execute the following command as root

yum install google-chrome-stable

You should now have Chrome as an option in Applications -> Internet.

But, here comes a surprise – Chrome cannot be run as root by default. So it won’t work unless you do the following.

1- open Konsole Terminal
2- type

cd /opt/google/chrome/
hexedit chrome

(if you dont have hexedit or  it says hexedit command not found, just do a

yum install hexedit


3- you will see hex editor program press Tab to switch to ascii
4-press ctrl+s to search for “geteuid” and modify it to “getppid”
5- ctrl+X to exit then press y for saving changes

Original solution at:

Thats it ! You should now be able to run your favorite Chrome as root 🙂