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University Transcript from Calcutta University – Feb 2016 — February 22, 2016

University Transcript from Calcutta University – Feb 2016

One might require University transcripts for a number of reasons. Transcripts are required for visa process (Canada/ Australia etc.), applying to US universities etc. The usual process is to contact the University and they should be able to help with the exact steps.

The process below is for CU (Calcutta University) alumni as of Feb 2016. This also assumes that you are available and have enough time to visit the Transcript department in-person on 2 separate days.

For people who do not/cannot visit in-person, you’ll be required to authorize someone to submit the application and collect the Transcripts on your behalf.


  1. Make sure you have at least 30 days in hand.
  2. Go through the following document: CU Transcript Instructions [Don’t waste your time by calling the listed phone numbers (numbers are either dysfunctional or there’s no one to pick up) or emailing ( emails are non-deliverable to both the addresses ).
  3. Download the form, print and fill it up (preferably with blue ink to make your entries more visible).
  4. Photocopies of Registration Certificate, All Marksheets (all semesters/years).
  5. Registration Certificate and All Marksheets (Original).
  6. Cash ( INR 200 per transcript ).
  7. A pen.
  8. Willingness to be present in-person to apply on one day (1 – 1.30 hrs depending on how busy the department is on that particular day) AND on a second day to collect the transcripts. (Sorry, they don’t have an online system even in 2016)


Transcript department is located on the 4th Floor of Darbhanga Building (inside Calcutta University Main Campus ). The nearest Metro station is Central – a 5-minute walk.


The Transcript department is open from 11 am to 1.30 pm on weekdays.

Special Note:

1. Even though the form asks for a Demand Draft (DD) to be submitted along with the application, it’s NOT required.

Yeah! I learned it the hard way. I wasted about an hour at a bank getting the DD prepared and when I arrived at the CU Transcript department, they said CASH is preferred.

2. You need not fill up the section that requires University names and locations to which the transcripts are to be sent (assuming you will be collecting it yourself).

Application Process

  1. Ensure that you are carrying the items mentioned in the Prerequisites section.
  2. Head straight for the CASH section (ask anyone for directions) once you enter the CU Main Campus on College Street. Get a CHALLAN for INR 1/- (One rupee).
  3. Darbhanga building is bang opposite the building that has the CASH section/department. Proceed to the 4th Floor (there are elevators available – although they are located in a very nondescript area of the ground floor. Ask someone if you are not able to find them).
  4. Follow the directions to the ‘Transcript section’ – as of today, it has been relocated to the back side of the 4th Floor.
  5. Once you reach the Transcript section, you’ll be asked (usually) for the purpose of your visit. If not, state politely the purpose of your visit.
  6. You’ll then be asked to submit the documents. You may be asked for the originals (I wasn’t – but it’s better to carry them in any case).
  7. You’ll be asked to fill up the CHALLAN (In case you forgot step 2 / didn’t bring the CHALLAN, you will usually be provided one and asked to provide a blank one once you have submitted the cash at the CASH section).
  8. Next, if the documents are sufficient, the person will sign and state “Please accept” on the CHALLAN which you’ll be required to take to the CASH section and pay the required amount.
  9. Visit the CASH section and pay the amount. (Remember to take a Blank CHALLAN if you missed step 2 ). If you are paying in denominations of INR 500 or more, be prepared to enter denomination, note number, your phone number in a separate register which will be provided at the CASH counter.
  10. The Cashier will hand you 2 pieces of paper with the particulars of payment.
  11. Head back to the Transcript department and hand back one part of the particulars and Blank CHALLAN (if you missed step 2). Keep the other part for your reference which will be required on the day of collecting the transcripts.
  12. You will be asked to return at a later date (usually 3 weeks from date of submission) to collect the Transcripts.

That’s it – you’re done! Pretty hassle free if you ask me.

[Important Update: 29th January 2018]

I’m glad this post helped quite a few people and thanks to the efforts of Ananya (she has her own blog here), we now have the steps to get transcripts and send to WES as follows:

Step 1: Things to take: a. A printout of the WES Academic Records Request form available here, fill part A of this form.

b. Copy of your PDC (The number of copies required is equal to the number of transcripts you have requested for).

c. Copy of your part 1, part 2 and part 3 mark sheets, whichever is applicable to you (The number of copies required is equal to the number of transcripts you have requested for).

Head straight for the RRG department on the 4th floor of the Darbhanga building at Calcutta University. Someone will fill up Part B of the WES Academic Records Request form from the RRG department for you.

Step 2: Go to the Registrar on the first floor of the same building with the form and the transcript. You will not meet the Registrar, there are people outside the office who will take the form inside for you and get the Registrar’s signature. Make sure you ask for the seal as well, somebody else outside the office will put the seal on the form once it is signed. If you don’t ask, they might not.

Step 3: Go back to the RRG department:

a. They will sign and stamp the transcript, copies of your PDC and the mark sheets.

b. They will put all this along with the WES Academic Records Request form in a University envelope and seal the envelope.

c. They will put a stamp on the back flap of the envelope.

d. The Deputy Assistant will sign on the stamp.

Step 4: Go back to the Registrar’s office on the first floor, someone will take the envelope inside and get a final signature from the Registrar and a stamp with the date.

Fairly simple, eh? You are sorted, use a good courier service to send the envelope to WES, Canada.