University Transcript from Calcutta University – Feb 2016

One might require University transcripts for a number of reasons. Transcripts are required for visa process (Canada/ Australia etc.), applying to US universities etc. The usual process is to contact the University and they should be able to help with the exact steps.

The process below is for CU (Calcutta University) alumni as of Feb 2016. This also assumes that you are available and have enough time to visit the Transcript department in-person on 2 separate days.

For people who do not/can not visit in-person, you’ll be required to authorize someone to submit the application and collect the Transcripts on your behalf.


  1. Make sure you have at least 30 days in hand.
  2. Go through the following document: CU Transcript Instructions [Don’t waste your time by calling the listed phone numbers (numbers are either dysfunctional or there’s no one to pick up) or emailing ( emails are non-deliverable to both the addresses ).
  3. Download the form, print and fill it up (preferably with blue ink to make your entries more visible).
  4. Photocopies of Registration Certificate, All Marksheets (all semesters/years).
  5. Registration Certificate and All Marksheets (Original).
  6. Cash ( INR 200 per transcript ).
  7. A pen.
  8. Willingness to be present in-person to apply on one day (1 – 1.30 hrs depending on how busy the department is on that particular day) AND on a second day to collect the transcripts. (Sorry, they don’t have an online system even in 2016)


Transcript department is located on the 4th Floor of Darbhanga Building (inside Calcutta University Main Campus ). The nearest Metro station is Central – a 5-minute walk.


The Transcript department is open from 11 am to 1.30 pm on weekdays.

Special Note:

1. Even though the form asks for a Demand Draft (DD) to be submitted along with the application, it’s NOT required.

Yeah! I learned it the hard way. I wasted about an hour at a bank getting the DD prepared and when I arrived at the CU Transcript department, they said CASH is preferred.

2. You need not fill up the section that requires University names and locations to which the transcripts are to be sent (assuming you will be collecting it yourself).

Application Process

  1. Ensure that you are carrying the items mentioned in the Prerequisites section.
  2. Head straight for the CASH section (ask anyone for directions) once you enter the CU Main Campus on College Street. Get a CHALLAN for INR 1/- (One rupee).
  3. Darbhanga building is bang opposite the building that has the CASH section/department. Proceed to the 4th Floor (there are elevators available – although they are located in a very non-descript area of the ground floor. Ask someone if you are not able to find them).
  4. Follow the directions to the ‘Transcript section’ – as of today, it has been relocated to the back side of the 4th Floor.
  5. Once you reach the Transcript section, you’ll be asked (usually) for the purpose of your visit. If not, state politely the purpose of your visit.
  6. You’ll then be asked to submit the documents. You may be asked for the originals (I wasn’t – but it’s better to carry them in any case).
  7. You’ll be asked to fill up the CHALLAN (In case you forgot step 2 / didn’t bring the CHALLAN, you will usually be provided one and asked to provide a blank one once you have submitted the cash at the CASH section).
  8. Next, if the documents are sufficient, the person will sign and state “Please accept” on the CHALLAN which you’ll be required to take to the CASH section and pay the required amount.
  9. Visit the CASH section and pay the amount. (Remember to take a Blank CHALLAN if you missed step 2 ). If you are paying in denominations of INR 500 or more, be prepared to enter denomination, note number, your phone number in a separate register which will be provided at the CASH counter.
  10. The Cashier will hand you 2 pieces of paper with the particulars of payment.
  11. Head back to the Transcript department and hand back one part of the particulars and Blank CHALLAN (if you missed step 2). Keep the other part for your reference which will be required on the day of collecting the transcripts.
  12. You will be asked to return at a later date (usually 3 weeks from date of submission) to collect the Transcripts.


That’s it – you’re done! Pretty hassle free if you ask me.


95 thoughts on “University Transcript from Calcutta University – Feb 2016

    • Marksheets need not be attested. You’ll need to carry the originals anyway. If you are lucky, there is no need for authentication for the date of first admission. However, if you aren’t that lucky, you’ll need to get it verified from your college and they will put a stamp/signature beside the date you put in the form. I’ve heard someone was asked to do so since they weren’t sure about the date of first admission and had left it blank.

      • Hi trishulpani, you mentioned about the registration certificate. What is it exactly ? Does the college give it to us? Please confirm. And preferably, if you have a copy, can you attach it for reference. I am not sure what this document means. Thank you and regards, Dipshikha

      • Hi Dipshikha, A registration certificate is supposed to be provided by the college to you at the time of admission – it arrives after a couple of weeks you start going to college. It simply states that you are a registered student of the college / university and it has a registration number. I’ll send you a copy over to your email so that you can have a look.

    • If your father collects the transcripts, you need not pay postal fees. Also, the postal fee thing at CU is a farce. They only speak cash. Also, you’ll need to provide a letter of authorization to collect the transcript on your behalf. Your father will also need to show the original marksheets for all semesters and university registration certificate. You’ll also need as many copies of all these as the number of transcripts you need as mentioned in my post. They hardly give instructions clearly. So please ask your father to ask them any questions you might have regarding the process. Better still, ask your father to call you over phone when he’s talking to the person at the department and speak to him directly. Ask every doubt you have about the process. Most importantly, ask nicely and make them feel important no matter how frustrated you might feel about the whole thing. All the best!

  1. Which address i have to fill in form for point no. 9 “Address of the university where the certificate is to be sent”, do i have to give address of syamaprasad college from where i completed my graduation or I have to put the address of abroad college, however now I am in india and its easy for me to collect document from my college, kindly guide me?.

  2. I am in calcutta and i want transcript for going abroad, so Which college address do i have to fill in point no. 9 ??
    My calcutta college address or abroad college address. Kindly guide me in brief for option no. 9

    • Please leave college address blank since you’ll be collecting the transcript yourself. Also, there’s no point in paying extra for sending the transcripts from the University – not even sure if that works. Best way is to collect the transcripts yourself. All the best!

    • The transcript from Calcutta University doesn’t contain the medium of instruction. Most of the foreign colleges will require TOEFL/IELTS anyway – so, the medium of instruction hardly matters.

    • Hi Raj, The registration certificate is a very important document which officially states that you have been registered as a student of the University. You must be having it without which you wouldn’t have been allowed to take any of the University exams. Please recheck the documents you have. I don’t know what the procedure is if you have lost the document – you should contact University authorities immediately. All the best !

  3. They told that I will collect my transcript on 30th August, still I have not receive that, m not in kolkata now, shall I send my friend there directly to collect transcript, main thing is my friend dont have my documents he have only slip what they provided me after payment of transcript. what I have to do please guide me.

    • You’ll need to provide your friend with an authorization letter stating that you authorize him/her to collect the transcript on your behalf. They will also need photocopies of the documents that I have mentioned already. Hope this helps!

  4. Is there a way to get a transcript for PhD received from Calcutta University or some kind or proof (other than certificate) for a foreign university.

    • Most foreign universities will require transcripts and am pretty sure CU has some way to provide that. I’m really not sure about the process though – I’m sorry. You might have to send some one in person to get the information from the transcript department. They don’t pick up phones and their email IDs are useless. All the best!

    • I am also looking to obtain a transcript or proof in an official format (other than PhD certificate) for my PhD degree from Calcutta university. Did you happen to check with them if they provide any such document?

      • Sorry – I don’t have any information on that. It’d be best for you or your representative to talk directly with the people at the CU Transcript department.

  5. I want to collect my transcript from c.u
    Bt at present i m not in kolkata and all the original documents r with me. Can my father collect it on my behalf ? They hav the photo copy of my marksheet nd registration certificate. Plz help

    • Have you applied for the transcripts? Usually you have to show them the originals. If they have the photocopies, ask your parents to visit the Transcript department and speak to the person there. Also, just to collect the transcript, your parents will require an authorization letter from your end saying that you have authorized your parents to collect the transcript on your behalf. It’s best done when you are present in person, but the Transcript department people are understanding – you just need to be patient and speak to them nicely. If its not too much trouble, ask your parents to visit the transcript department and get the matter sorted out. All the best !

  6. I just called today for my transcript. The department now moved to 5th floor.
    Is there any agency or person who actually go to university and get it done for somebody who doesn’t have anyone in West Bengal.
    If yes, please let me know. I need it urgently.

    • I wanted to share my experience with everyone on the transcript document to be issued by CU.

      Document that is a must:
      1. Online form
      2.marksheets (all years)
      3. Registration certificate- don’t know why it is important as you have your mark sheet, admit card , graduation certificate etc. If you don’t have it the authority wouldn’t even listen to you. To get this paper you need to update a form from CU but completed and signed by the college. You will get this document in 2 weeks post submission after which you can apply for the transcript.

      After I submitted all the documents they asked us to come after 2 months. However I had sent them a letter from my organisation stating them to release it Asap after which it was released in 1DAY.
      Things to note:
      1. You should have one representative in Calcutta for all follow ups
      2. Authorisation letter so that your relative can follow up on your behalf
      3. Letter from organisation stating urgency and they would action

      Over all it took my brother 1 month to get the document including the registration certificate

  7. I have done BA in Calcutta University, and MBA in ITM Warangal. For transcripts, do I have to go to both the places one after the other?

    • For CU you will have to visit as far as I know. I can’t say about ITM Warangal. In either case, get in touch with respective university officials. Most likely, you will have to go to both places, not necessarily one after the other – you can go to Warangal first or CU – whichever suits your situation. All the best!

    • I have received the documents in 2 months through an agency. They charge reasonably and good service. I appreciate their service.

      • Would you please let the others know about the agency and how to contact them or what the reasonable charge is, for others to benefit from your experience?

      • Dear Dr Suvodip, Could you please give details of the agency you had contacted to get the transcripts. I need to get my graduation transcripts from Calcutta University and Masters transcripts from Bhopal University. Sharing my email for correspondence. Your revert will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and kind regards, Dipshikha

      • Hi Dr. Suvodip – could you please share the name and contact number of the agency that you mentioned. If the charges are reasonable, I would rather have them help me and save few troubles there, since I do not stay in Kolkata and do not have many resources either to keep following up with the transcript department.

      • Dear Dr Suvodip,
        Can you please mail me the name of the agency you mentioned for transcripts of University of Calcutta.
        I wanted to have a migration certificate.
        Thanks for your reply.
        Debanjan Datta

  8. Hi. Thank you for the detailed information. I too need the transcripts and am from CU. Can you please tell me if the transcript is a single document, or there are individual transcripts issued for each mark sheet? Im not really sure what this document looks like. Also, i had passed from South City College, under CU, in 2004, but never really collected my convocation certificate. I do have all the other docs like registration certif and mark sheets. Will i need the convocation certif to get the transcripts? Thank you.

    • Hi Sandip,

      Appreciate your comments and glad that you found the information helpful. The transcript is multiple pieces of paper (one photocopy of your mark sheets and another that endorses those to be correct and authorized by the department). The papers are then sealed in an official looking envelope and stamped with official CU seal. If you require it, you should get at least 5 of these like I did since you don’t want to repeat this endeavor over and over again.

      I have no idea what a convocation certificate is – probably you are referring to the degree certificate. Don’t worry, it’s not required. You will be able to get transcripts since you have the registration certificate and mark sheets.
      Take those documents along with you to the transcript department and you should have your transcripts within 30 days from the date of application.

      All the best!

  9. Hi! I need to submit my Graduation certificate, which is given out during the Graduation convocation in CU. I completed my graduation in 2003 and have not collected the certificate since. I am based out of Bangalore and need to submit the certificate for PR. Can you please let me know if I need to follow the same process as transcript?

    • Graduation Certificate is something you should collect from your college. Please contact your college for more details. I believe it’s a different process and not the same as collecting transcript.

  10. Hi! also need to know that if I have the registration number mentioned in the marksheet, do I still need to apply for a registration certificate? I do not have one.

    • You’ll need your registration certificate – just having the number won’t work. In your case, you might need to apply for registration certificate first and then follow the procedure for getting transcripts. All the best!

  11. Thank you for giving such detailed information about the process of collecting transcripts from CU. Would you know if I can collect transcripts for MBA from CU from Darbhanga building.Thanks.

    • Thank you for the kind words. Yes – you can collect transcripts for any reason whatsoever – it’s not specific to any course (MBA or whatever) – it’s just an official document that you need to submit along with your application – specifically in foreign universities. Hope this helps.

  12. Thank you for this information. I really appreciate you documenting this stuff. It would have helped a lot of people.
    I do require transcript for Visa processing.
    Do they share transcript in sealed envelope and signed across, as is requried by World Education Service (WES)?

      • Yes. They provide the transcripts in sealed envelope and it is signed and sealed with university stamp and the registrar’s signature.

        The charges are INR 200/- per transcript when I got my transcripts done last year.

  13. Hi, thanks a lot for the detailed information. Is there any possibility that this can be done without visiting Calcutta University. As per the instructions they have provided a mail should work ( i know that’s a long shot ) but is it worth a try? If I send all the documents by post & the Bank Draft is there any chance they would send a courier to my address? I stay in Bangalore and just flying down 2 seperate times for the thing is a pretty expensive affair 😦 Any hacks/ shortcuts?

    • Email / mail is a really long shot. I’d be surprised if it gets you anywhere. If you really need the transcripts, and don’t have anyone in Kolkata who can do this on your behalf, am afraid you’ll have to make those expensive trips. CU is archaic like that. All the best!

  14. Hi ,
    I would like to know the difference between transcripts and the marksheet that we already have ? If in case I mail the universities abroad with my marksheets , wouldn’t that work for them ? Planning to apply in Europe.

    • Hi Neelam,

      Submitting marksheets will not be enough for most foreign universities. Think of transcript as certified marksheets. Although marksheets are issued by the university, they are not standardised and, in absence of a more appropriate word, not trustable. You may be able to mail your marksheets to foreign universities when applying, but they will ask for transcripts at some point of time. My advice will be to get your transcripts at the earliest so that you don’t face any issues down the line. All the best!

  15. Hi,
    I encountered a very weird problem in obtaining my transcript.
    Thanks for the info, following your steps i applied for transcripts in CU for applying for CPA, i stay in Chicago so i authorised my father and i received it in a month.
    However, there was a single handwritten letter in the envelope i received from CU wherein there was written that i have passed Part 1+2+3 of CU , that it. Can anyone please help?

    I require 3 annual marksheet from CU and my degree certificate of CU.


    • Hi Pooja, I’m not sure if things went wrong after you followed the steps. You haven’t received the complete transcript. How many copies did you ask for? Also, did you provide copies of marksheets and degree certificate while applying? It may have been an honest mistake – but if you authorised someone, they would ideally stamp and put the copies inside the envelope in front of them. Not sure what was missing. If you have further questions, you will need to speak to the transcript person directly – as in, ask you father to pay them a visit once more and you directly talk to the concerned person in his presence. That should help, although you might have to stay awake late in the night in order to do that. All the best!

  16. Hi

    Thanks for this wonderful post. It is really helpful. I am about to visit the university and ask the same. However wanted to clarify few things:

    1> Do I have to get separate transcripts, one for BA (Bachelor of Arts) and another for MA (Master of Arts), though it is from the same Calcutta University?

    2> If Yes, do I have to send both the transcripts put together in a single envelope and send to ECA organization?

    3> If I have to send my wives transcript too, will I have to put together in the same envelope of mine?

    Thanks in advance for your reply


    • Hi Roy,

      Thanks for the kind words. To answer your questions, as far as I know:
      1. You’ll need separate transcripts for each of your degrees (BA and MA). You’ll get one separate envelope for each. How you send them to the receiving organisation depends on them. You’ll need to ask them but usually, they will accept separate one single package containing sealed transcript envelopes of each degree. It’s always better idea to get multiple copies of your transcript since getting them is a pain and you wouldn’t want to go through the whole process again if you need to apply to more than one organisation.
      2. Your wife’s transcripts should be put in a different envelope unless the receiving organisation has agreed to accept all of the transcripts in the same envelope.
      Hope this helps and all the best!

      • Hi

        i went to the university today and they are saying that they will provide a single transcripts covering both BA and MA. I told him that I will require it separately but the person is saying it will be difficult to give the transcript separately.

        Also they need the form to be signed by the college authority mentioning the date of admission to the college. Just a thought. Do I need to produce any document as an evidence to ask him to make it separate?


      • It’s almost hilarious that it will be “difficult” for him – what he means is it’ll be more work for him. Anyway, good luck convincing him. I guess the only way for you is to contact the organisation (see if they have anything related to this on their website) or if they’ll accept a single envelope. Date of Admission is again something that you’ll need to get signed from your college. As I said, it was somehow overlooked in my case, but maybe now they require college seal/signature. Sadly, this means more legwork for you.

  17. Hi, Trishul –

    I have a quick question – when I got admission to South City college, they stamped at the back of my 12th mark sheet that contains the name and probably a date as well when it was stamped. Will it qualify as the date of the first admission to college? If not, can I just provide a date while filling up the request for a transcript form? Or if I provide a date, what documents will they need to verify the date I provided?

    Thanks much,

    • Hi Surajit, I don’t think this will work. You can put the date as mentioned at the back of your marksheet while filling the form and try your luck. But then, its CU – so don’t be surprised if they won’t listen to “logic”. All the best!

      • thanks for the quick response! Could you please let me know which documents are usually considered as a proof of first date of admission ?

      • Sorry about that, in my experience, you need to get the transcript application form stamped from the college – I don’t think they accept any other document as proof of date of admission.

  18. Hi I have not been able to collect my degree certificate from my college ‘ Heramba Chandra College’. I passed out in 2008 (2005-2008) batch. From where can I collect it? Will I have to go to my college or should I go to Calcutta university? Please help

    • Hi Rachitra,
      I guess you’ll have to contact your college first. Sometimes, after a certain number of years have passed and the degree certificate has not been collected, the college sends back the degree to CU. So first, contact your college. They will inform you if they still have it or they will ask you to contact CU.

  19. HI,
    It is disheartening that in this advanced internet world we still face all those upstairs-downstairs hurdles in our academics. I am applying for phd program at Michigan Tech. In their online application process they have accepted my M.Sc and M.Tech marksheets as transcript because those marksheets have the courses and the marks mentioned for each semester but they are not accepting our Part-1, Part-2, Part-3 marksheets because on those marksheets only marks are mentioned against paper I, Paper II, Paper III etc. But when i saw the sample of official transcript of the calcutta university, it is scary. They dont mention course taken and the marks obtained, I dont know whether Michigan Tech will accept the official transcript or not.
    Really, in official transcript, no courses are mentioned and only the part-1,part-2, part-3 qualified status are mentioned and roll number?

    • Hi Abhishek, I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately, CU transcripts are a joke. It’s nothing but an endorsed version of your mark sheets. CU remains oblivious to international standards and there’s hardly you can do anything about it. The best you can do is hand over the sealed copy of the transcript as provided by CU and pretend you have no idea of its content. OR, you can pay some organisation such as WES to have the course professionally vetted. I see no other option and that’s sheer bad luck. As if studying in CU wasn’t bad enough, it’s heartbreaking to see that students continue to suffer while the CU administration remains busy in petty politics.

  20. Thank you very much Trishul, so quickly you have given a reply to my query. I think WES is a great option, I am in Delhi now, I have planned to go to the CU 6th June for transcript application but if it takes more than three weeks to prepare and another week to send it to me in Delhi, i may be in trouble. More to the woe, they will prepare the same handwritten transcript and no-mention of the courses, I will let you know if I get successful at getting the transcript from WES.

    Thanking you once again

      • Hi Trishilpani,

        Could you please share what exactly the transcript looks like. You may blacken the things which you consider as personal. Also given by the comments above, does the transcript means handwritten info from CU.

  21. Hello to all,
    I found this thread just at the right time. I completed my in 2016 and have not yet got any kind of certificate from university, except for the marksheet. Does anyone know how to get those certificates without waiting for years as i am planning to go abroad for my post graduation ?

    • What certificate are you expecting? Or is it transcripts you are asking about? If it’s the transcript, just follow the steps outlined in the post and you should be able to get them before leaving for your post-grad abroad. All the best!

  22. Its not the transcripts. I need to get my degree certificate, migration certificate and the consolidated marksheet. Dont know what else certificates are issued after graduation from university. The college isn’t being of any help. Please guide me if you have any information about this.

  23. The college says it haven’t arrived yet and i might have to wait another year to get it. I told them its urgent bt they just won’t listen. Cu don’t issue certificates along with the results ?

    • Unfortunately, the degree certificate is available only after a year of pass out. That’s the way it is and this being the norm, it should not affect the application process even in a different country – although, i may be wrong.

  24. If we apply for a single copy of academic transcript it would cover for my entire course of study of 3 years, right? Or separate requests need to be made for different year of study? Kindly let me know!

    • Yes. A single copy will cover the entire course of 3-year study. However, if you are going through the process, I always recommend that you get multiple (at least 3-5) transcripts so that you need not go through the process again. You never know when you’d need them.

  25. Hi,
    Thank you for a detailed description of the process for obtaining the transcripts from CU.
    I am a law graduate (BALLB) from CU (2003 pass out) and I am planning for my higher studies in the US. The enrollment to legal studies in US are controlled by Law School Admission Council (LSAC). As per their instructions, the graduation transcripts are to be sent directly by the university, from where I have completed my graduation (CU in this case), to the LSAC.
    Do you have any information regarding the process CU follows for sending the transcript directly to the universities and/or higher education departments(e.g. LSAC)? What I understand by seeing the Transcript Application Form ( is that they do have a process for sending the transcript directly to the Foreign Universities and also a separate fee structure for the same.
    I would really appreciate, if anyone can share having such experience wherein CU had directly sent the transcripts to the foreign universities.


    • Yes – they do have an option but I have no idea whether it works or not. If you are in Kolkata, I’d advise you to visit CU and try to find out for yourself. And post about your experience over here so that it’s beneficial for everyone else. All the best!

    • Sorry Sutanuka, I got late to reply to your query. University calcutta sends student’s transcript directly to the university. First of all it takes almost 40 days to prepare transcript, then take another 14 days to send it to your usa university. So I would suggest you to apply for 3 copies of transcript, tell them to send the required one to directly to your university by international mail and keep two copies of it with you, in case of emergency you can send the scanned copy or also you can submit one official unbroken seal transcript to your usa university department in person. So dont worry, but apply for the transcripts as soon as possible.

  26. I completed my B.COM from Calcutta university in 2001. Now I need Original provisional certificate.
    Can I apply online ? Please advise.

    • Hey Vinita.
      There is less than the least you can do online. Vinita, you have to go the Calcutta University, College Street campus to apply for your provisional certificate, you can send some of your relatives to do the task for you. You need a further help, I will give you every information, last year in August, I applied for the transcript so I can give you the latest information. Thanks to Trishul, for your blog, I dont know how many people brave the hassle very easily.

  27. Hi Mr Pani,

    Your post is a great help. I needed some guidance. Am currently based out of Kuwait.

    Could you pls help me with your mail ID or phone no on which i could reach you

  28. Just to add, I passed out of Cal university in 1996. Currently working in kuwait. I may be moving to Qatar soon, As part of the degree attestation process Qatar embassy now requires a letter/ certificate from university confirming details like name, course regular/ distance, year of passout etc
    Im not sure if this is the same as transcript. And given im in kuwait, how to i proceed.
    Any help would be most appreciated

  29. Hi trishulpani,

    Thanks for writing this blog. This has been very helpful for me. I have a query i have not found the application form online. As i do not live in kolkata will i have to ask my mom to first collect the application form from the university courier it to me so that i can sign it and then again i have to courier to my mom for submission? is there a shorter process. Also i do not remember getting any registration certificate it will be helpful if you can send me


    • Hi Manjari – the link for the form is in the blog post. Getting a transcript from CU could be a tough thing – but I guess you have to ask your mom to help out. Ask her to visit the department and talk to the people there about your situation – they are pretty helpful on a good day. By shorter process – am not sure. Also, without a registration certificate, you couldn’t have possibly sat for your exams – it’s mandatory to have the registration certificate. If you lost it, it’s a different story – you might need to first get a duplicate registration certificate first in order to get the transcripts. Hope this helps!

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