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Centos 6.4 in VirtualBox VM on Mac OS Lion + Windows + SSH — December 1, 2013

Centos 6.4 in VirtualBox VM on Mac OS Lion + Windows + SSH

Mac OS Lion handles VirtualBox VMs much better than Windows does on a dual core AMD laptop. Everything runs faster and there’s no visible lag in running stuff inside the VM and the host. Its amazing !

Anyway, I decided to fiddle around with installing CentOS 6.4 as a guest OS on Oracle VirtualBox. The installation is a breeze. Here’s a good guide:

I skipped the port forwarding thing as its not required.

Next up, was enabling SSH between Mac OS and the guest OS. Here’s what saved me a lot of trouble:

However, the only thing that gave me issues was that I wasn’t able to add a ‘Host Only adapter’ from the settings of the individual VM. Firstly it complained that ‘Incorrect configuration detected’. Puzzling. Then I read somewhere that I needed to ‘add’ a Host only network adapter from VirtualBox -> Preferences ->Network and click the green button that adds ‘vboxnet0’ as an adapter. After this I followed the above guide and I was able to SSH into the machine from Mac OS.

Could I push it further and access this CentOS guest from another Windows guest running on VirtualBox? (Yes, I could finally run multiple guest OSes and yet nothing slowed down). I installed Putty on my Windows guest and there it was – as easy as pie to access CentOS via SSH. Cool.

This meant I could share files via SCP between my guest and host VMs. Awesome !